Player’s Ball-Levitating ‘Magic Trick’ Celebration Is Blowing Everyone’s Mind

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Player’s Ball-Levitating ‘Magic Trick’ Celebration Is Blowing Everyone’s Mind

One footballer has left fans speechless after he produced a mind-blowing celebration.

The player held the ball before he moved his hands away and allowed the ball to levitate in mid-air.


Seriously, it's insane.


Check it out below.


Amazing, right?

Fans have shared their feelings about this 'sorcery' on social media. Some are blown away by it, while others have found the perfect opportunity to crack a bit of banter.

"Surely booked for time-wasting," one Twitter user said in response to the video.

Another tweeted: "What kind of sorcery is this?"


A third said: "That can't be real."

A fourth added: "WTF have I just watched?"



Really, it's enough to make anyone watch it over and over again to find out how it was done.

However, there could be one Reddit user that potentially has the answer to this question.

While one of the players moved his hands around the ball while it's floating, he never moves his hands over it cleanly enough.

Reddit user kdbisgoat believes that the player is holding up the ball with a string.

"Clearly a string is attached, you can see him plucking it off in the end, but how did he get it attached in the first place," kdbisgoat wrote.

And the plot thickens.

One question answered, with another one being raised in its place.

How do you think he pulled off this neat trick?

Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: The Away Fans Videos

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