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No Footage Exists Of Pele's Favourite Goal And It Probably Didn't Happen

No Footage Exists Of Pele's Favourite Goal And It Probably Didn't Happen

The Brazil legend's favourite ever goal wasn't captured on camera so he's described it. Yeah, sure this happened.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

There's only one way to celebrate the anniversary of Pele's debut, and that's by remembering that no footage of his favourite goal exists, and that's because he seems to have made it up.

Pele might be one of the greatest players of all time. It's difficult to judge the Brazilian when he played in an era long before television filmed every match on the planet and played, and scored, in a lot of unofficial matches and tournaments.

The unofficial matches and staying in Brazil his whole career has led to some calling him a fraud so let's revisit his favourite ever goal to put those thoughts to bed, well they would if it didn't look like it had come out of a cartoon.

The goal came against Atletico Juventus, a Brazilian side, in 1959 but it wasn't captured on camera so based off his description someone animated a video of it, and it's hilariously brilliant. The chip over the final defender and keeper really make this a masterpiece of a lie.

I don't care how good a footballer you are unless you are literally Roy of the Rovers in a comic strip you aren't scoring a goal like that, not even Pele's own character in Escape to Victory is coming up with that to save himself from the Nazis.

The 78-year-old might be mocked for some things but some of his stats do still speak of one of the best ever, including scoring 77 goals in 92 official games for Brazil.

In those goals 12 in 14 World Cup games and won the tournament three times, in 1952, 1968 and 1970, so he was very good.

The big debate is whether the former Santos striker really is the greatest ever, because his 'best goal' definitely didn't happen, no matter what he says.

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