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Fox Sports Fake Their Commentators Being In The Stadium For Arsenal Game

Fox Sports Fake Their Commentators Being In The Stadium For Arsenal Game

Fox Sports commentators were in a studio but channel claimed they were in the ground.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

American tv channel Fox Sports told the world that their commentators were at the Emirates last night to see Arsenal get embarrassed by Bayern Munich. But that was, in the President's words, FAKE NEWS!

Whisper it quietly but not all commentators are actually in attendance at the game they're describing. Ever wonder how certain people get from a Championship game to a La Liga match in about an hour? It's because they're not at the game.

There's no problem with that of course, you can commentate on a game from anywhere in the world much like your entire coverage of a World Cup can be in your studio thousands of miles away from the host country.

However, as per World Soccer Talk, Fox Sports have, for the last two Champions League weeks, stuck their commentary team of Stuart Holden, former Bolton Wanderers midfielder, and John Strong in front of a green screen to pretend they're at the game:

Credit: World Soccer Talk

As the video shows the pair have taken to dressing smartly as if at the game and being shown on the screen, rather than the usual casual attire they'd normally wear when they don't pretend they aren't in their California studio for Premier League games.

Strong even confirmed that he could hear the protests taking place outside the Emirates, he was in LA!

World Soccer Talk say they asked Fox Sports to comment but they didn't respond to the questions, not really helping yourself there are you lads.

Lord knows what Donald Trump thinks, after all he calls other organisations of for their 'fake news' but he bloody loves a bit of Fox:

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