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Fans Have Spotted Something Brilliant With Tony Pulis In FIFA 18

Fans Have Spotted Something Brilliant With Tony Pulis In FIFA 18

Fans have spotted something brilliant in FIFA 18 involving West Brom boss Tony Pulis.

This year's game, which was released worldwide on Friday, has seen a huge change in the way in which players pull off their transfers in Career Mode

With the introduction of 'Interactive Transfer Negotiations', you see the manager's discuss details in a meeting, proposing an initial offer and taking talks from there.

If you are successful in your pursuit of a player, the next step is to sit down with the player and his agent and talk about wages, release clauses, signing on fee and performance-related bonuses.


Credit: EA Sports

It's a very fun and exciting addition to the mode, with the realism of seeing real-life players and managers in a meeting making transfers even more enjoyable.

And talking about realism, EA have perfectly depicted Tony Pulis in the new feature. Widely recognised for wearing the entire club shop of the team he manages when on the touchline, when Pulis is involved in transfer negotiations, whether it being relating to an outgoing or an incoming, he turns up to the meeting in a suit, but of course comes with his signature baseball cap.


You just know that Tony would rock up to negotiations with his hat on in real-life and FIFA players are absolutely loving it:


That isn't the only thing eagle-eyed fans have spotted in FIFA 18, though, because people have spotted cameos from Manchester United legends Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville as referees in the game.

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We're a big fan of those two little easter-eggs, but you'd be dead wrong if you thought they were the only players-turned-referees to have appeared in a FIFA game.

That's because in FIFA 08 and FIFA 09, EA Sports did not have the licenses for the Netherlands national team and so they had to make up some players.

The main made-up player they came up with was football legend Hans de Noteboom, who many believe was based off Ruud van Nistelrooy. The 31-year old striker was 89 rated, with a potential of 90 and had unbelievable statistics such as 95 shot power, 92 shot power, 92 finishing, and 89 ball control.


Image: FIFA Index

He was the ninth best rated player on FIFA 08 - better than David Villa, David Trezeguet, Carlos Tevez, Didier Drogba, Francesco Totti, Miroslav Klose, Adriano, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Luca Toni among others

When the licensing issues were ironed out, Hans de Noteboom was rendered obsolete. His playing career was no more. However, his FIFA legacy did not die there. From FIFA 11 onwards, De Noteboom is a referee on the game, and mainly takes charge of Eredivisie games.

Image: EA Sports

Featured Image Credit: PA

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