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Richard Keys Mocked Over Terrible Mike Ashley And Newcastle United Opinion

Richard Keys Mocked Over Terrible Mike Ashley And Newcastle United Opinion

Former Sky Sports pundit Richard Keys has brought a lot of mockery on himself by suggesting that Rafa Benitez should actually use his own money to pay for transfers.

Richard Keys is a man who used to be quite relevant when it came to football and is now a man desperately trying to hang on to any of that relevance, and massively failing. I look forward to him having a go at me for that line.


The former Sky Sports television presenter has been better known for some of his weird and wonderful opinions over the last few years than anything good.

Well there's his opinions and of course everyone's favourite 'It was just banter' gif, that was famously recorded as his defence to when he was sacked by Sky.

On Sunday Keys was caught up in a storm. Rio Ferdinand kicked it off on Saturday by backing Mike Ashley's stance as Newcastle United owner saying, "When he went down he spent £50 million of his own money to get them back up.

"I understand Rafa's frustrations because as a manager you want the ability to go out and spend money, but they're not in that position. At the same time I understand Mike Ashley.


"Why is he going to spend more and more money - millions and millions of pounds - when he's actually looking to sell the club? He's got them to a point now where they're back in the Premier League and they're consolidating to a certain extent.

"He's not going to go spend his own money. You wouldn't go spend your own money now knowing you were trying to sell something unless you knew you were going to get that back."

And just as all the heat was on Ferdinand for his opinions, and the question about Sports Direct stocking the former defender's clothing range being asked, Keys managed to make a bigger mockery of things.

The former Sky Sports presenter actually said that manager Rafa Benitez should be putting his hand in his own pocket to pay for transfers:

'Management is about teamwork- why should it always be Ashley?' is a phenomenally terrible take, maybe one of the worst lines anyone has ever said.

And you can always tell how bad an opinion is on Twitter based on the ratio of reactions to said tweet. Keys managed to knock up 282 retweets and 4700 comments, at time of writing.

It's basically everyone telling him how unbelievably wrong he is.

Quite frankly Rio should be offering to pay for a meal, or possibly a striker, for the 61 year old in order to thank Keys for taking all the heat off him.

It's not been a good day all round for opinions about Newcastle.

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