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Alan Shearer Fan Messes About With Girlfriend's Fake Tan In Homage To The Striker

Alan Shearer Fan Messes About With Girlfriend's Fake Tan In Homage To The Striker

There's being a fan and there's being a super fan.

And Tom Milne proved that he was a super fan when he wrote "Shearer 9" on his girlfriend's back in fake tan in an epic prank.


Is that a dumping offence? Would you cut someone loose if they wrote something on your back in fake tan - which is essentially semi-permanent or would you find it funny?

And more importantly, I wonder what the former Newcastle striker would think of this tribute? Is he touched or a little bit disturbed?

Credit: Facebook

Nineteen-year old Jessica asked her boyfriend of two years to help her out with putting fake tan and he couldn't help himself from writing his favourite footballer player's name on his back.


You would think that football would be the last thing on his mind when confronted with his girlfriend's naked back, but that's football fans for you I guess.

Luckily Jessica didn't take it too badly.

Alan Shearer with two Gurkha Regiment Officers after he was presented with a CBE. Credit PA Images

"He put absolutely loads of tan on and I could feel him writing something," she told The Chronicle Live. "I said 'oh my god what are you doing?' and I could hear him laughing.

"When he said he'd wrote Shearer 9 I asked him to quickly take a photo so I could put it on Twitter.

"I couldn't really shout at him because I'd asked him to do it but I didn't expect him to do something like that.

"He was really pleased with himself, he thought it was really funny. It was the first time I'd asked him to do it and I can honestly say I'll never ask him again!"

Even though she found it funny, it still stained her back. She was stuck with the tribute to Shearer on her skin until it wore off. Although she sent the picture to all her friends, they still wanted to see it for themselves.

Credit: Twitter

At least it's not quite bikini season yet. And it could be worse, Shearer was a great football player. Imagine if her boyfriend had been really juvenile and draw a dick on her back?

But she did get her revenge in the end - while he was giggling and writing "Shearer" on her back, he didn't realise that he had dropped a lot of fake tan on himself.

"It had crossed my mind to get him back but when he was doing it accidentally he got a big splodge on his own arm.

"He has really fair skin and it was medium to dark tan so that was a bit of karma," said Jessica.

That could be a bit embarrassing at the construction company where he works. Not as bad as having "Shearer 9" on your back though, so I think he got let off quite easily.

Words: Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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