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Declan Rice Claims VAR Isn't Wanted By Any Premier League Player

Declan Rice Claims VAR Isn't Wanted By Any Premier League Player

West Ham United were denied a dramatic equaliser against Sheffield United on Friday thanks in part to VAR and Declan Rice has claimed no one wants the system.

The Hammers thought they'd scored in injury time through Robert Snodgrass but the video officials spotted that the ball had hit Rice in the hand during the build up to the goal.


In the past that would have been seen as 'accidental' but the new rule means no goal can be scored after a hand has been used, accidental or otherwise, but the England midfielder blamed VAR saying, "We are fuming. All the lads are livid," Rice told reporters after the match.

"I've just watched it back. He has knocked the ball into my hand. If you are running with your arms like that with the rules as they are now it is handball, but it is not intentional. It is a kick in the teeth.

"I think they are the thoughts of every Premier League player, not just me - pretty much everyone doesn't want VAR in the game.

"There have been so many decisions this season that have been absolutely crazy. They were celebrating VAR like it was a goal and football should not be like that."


Manager David Moyes was equally annoyed at VAR after officials denied his team a point after Oli McBurnie's goal had given the Blades a 1-0 lead, "Anybody who has played football or been around the game knows it was a good goal," he told BBC Sport.

"From my point of view, and the people who watch football, the decision is not right.

"I wouldn't say I'm a great fan [of VAR] but we having to come to terms with it. People who have played football know when it's not right and tonight is one of those situations.

"Whoever checked it I think got it wrong because it was a really good bit of play by Declan Rice - where would you put your hands, tie them behind your back?"

The handball rule was changed for the beginning of this season after a number of high profile accidental handballs had led directly to goals in recent seasons.

Laurent Koscielny scored a last minute goal against Burnley after the ball was struck at his hand and Willy Bolly scored an equaliser for Wolves against Manchester City in similar circumstances last season.

On Twitter Michael Owen defended VAR and instead attacked the change of the rule.

The win took Chris Wilder's team back into fifth in the table, though their rivals all have a game in hand to play this weekend, and left Moyes' team in 16th place, just two points above the relegation zone, and they could finish the weekend in the bottom three if Aston Villa and Bournemouth both win.

Should the goal have been ruled out?

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