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AFTV Get Rid Of Claude Callegari After Racist Remark About Son Heung-Min

AFTV Get Rid Of Claude Callegari After Racist Remark About Son Heung-Min

The remark was made as the South Korean was subbed off during the derby on Sunday, with the channel initially posting a weak excuse.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

AFTV have had to remove Claude Callegari from the channel, after their regular contributor made a racist remark about Son Heung-min during the north London derby.

The Arsenal fan channel has become infamous with the club, especially during their losses, and that was no different on Sunday after their 2-1 loss to rivals Spurs.

However during the show Callegari was heard saying 'DVDs going off' as Spurs' midfielder Son was subbed off during the game.

The term 'DVD' has been used as a racist slur against Asian footballers in the past, referring to people selling DVDs on a market. Initially AFTV and Claude claimed that he wasn't talking about the player.

In an 'apology' video the contributor and presenter Robbie Lyle discussed how he was referring to Spurs being mocked for bringing out DVDs for all their minor triumphs.

However it was quite clear that the comments were made as the South Korean was being subbed off in the 94th minute, with the game already over at 2-1.

After the initial backlash, and more following the explanation from Claude, Robbie eventually apologised on Twitter and said that Callegari has been removed from the channel.

The channel, which has often been mocked by non Arsenal fans and hated by other Arsenal fans, has over 1.18 million subscribers on YouTube.

Featured Image Credit: AFTV

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