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Liverpool Fan Goes On Twitter Rant Comparing Liverpool To Premier League Greats

Liverpool Fan Goes On Twitter Rant Comparing Liverpool To Premier League Greats

By Mike Parrott

With Liverpool 16 points clear at the top of the Premier League, a lot of Premier League fans believe that a lack of quality has allowed Liverpool to run away with it. A Liverpool fan on Twitter has tried to counter the argument, albeit not in the best way possible.


After 30 years, Liverpool might finally win the Premier League.

Even though it will be a momentous occasion for Liverpool to win their first Premier League title, it hasn't stopped Liverpool fans from their seasonal moaning about something.

This time it's the argument about how the majority of fans say that the Premier League is lacking quality which equals out Liverpool winning.

Even though in a few years time people will forget the gulf in quality like Manchester United's title in '00 and Leicester City's in '14. But Liverpool fans need to believe they are the best Premier League team ever and will then compare themselves to the greats.

A Liverpool fan on Twitter, @P_Lazaridis started the Twitter argument thread of how this Season's Liverpool is better than the Invincibles of 2004 and the Treble Winners of 1999.


The fan used the League tables of '99 and '04 to compare the three teams to show which one was 'better'.

Comparing this current Liverpool team to United's Treble side is just baffling though. The Treble-winning United team were remembered for one thing; winning the Treble.

It was known at the time that United weren't as dominant as they normally were and was one of Sir Alex Ferguson's "worst" Premier League winning Seasons.

They were also against a dominant and rejuvenated Arsenal team who had started to completely change the way England see football. Arsenal that Season conceded 20 goals overall, only five more than Liverpool have conceded currently with 14 games remaining.

The comparison again with Arsenal's Invincibles Season is still a bit skewed.

The Invincibles season was stacked with talent at the top. Manchester United were coming off dominance but were still right at the top, Chelsea had just been bought by Roman Abramovich and had spent a transfer record, and Liverpool as well were in their prime.

But again, that time wasn't dominant, they are widely remembered due to a certain circumstance, United was winning the Treble, Arsenal going Unbeaten.

The apt comparison would be that Manchester United and Arsenal are having their worst starts in the Premier League era while Chelsea are having their worst start since Abramovich bought the club.

Manchester City are currently in their worst Season under Pep Guardiola as well, while Tottenham are having their worst season since Gareth Bale left.

Liverpool are benefiting from a lack of top-level quality and it's very easy to see, hence why most casual fans are saying it too.

However, when it comes to it, a Premier League Title is still a Premier League title. Leicester fans wouldn't argue that their Premier League title was due to a lack of quality even though it was, so neither should Liverpool fans.

But this is what Liverpool fans have always done so we shouldn't be surprised.

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