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Watch Motherwell Player Beat Cristiano Ronaldo's Insane Jumping Record

Watch Motherwell Player Beat Cristiano Ronaldo's Insane Jumping Record

This guy can jump really, really high.

Max Miller

Max Miller

Cristiano Ronaldo wowed the world when he jumped a frankly ridiculous 71cm off the ground to score a header for Juventus against Sampdoria in 2019.

After seeing the all-time great leap more impressively than any salmon to reach a total height of 256cm, you wouldn't be forgiven for thinking that no other footballers would ever be able to match him.

However, a player has managed it, and it's come from a slightly unlikely source.

Motherwell's Bevis Mugabi appears to have almost flown in order score a thumping header against Ross County on 27 January.

The 25-year-old defender reached an astonishing 75cm off the ground, and 262cm total height - according to Motherwell, that is.

You can judge for yourself if he made it that high on the video below.

Not only that, but his goal also decided the match, with it ending 2-1 for manager Graham Alexander's side.

Speaking after the game, Mugabi even got a sly jab in at Ronaldo, saying: "He's a very competitive guy so I might need to drop him a DM and say, 'bro you need to up your game.'

"I'm not really a social media person but my phone has been blowing up and going non-stop since Wednesday - it's been a bit scary!"

He explained his impressive jumping ability too: "I've always had a good leap but nobody's had the chance to see it. I work on it in the gym by doing box jumps and I'm always trying to add to my game.

"I always try to enter every game being as fit as possible - sprinting the fastest, jumping the highest or recovery runs.

"I'll try on the end of more crosses. I can't guarantee that I'll be jumping as high as Ronaldo again though."

Will Ronaldo have any answer to this?

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