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Ten Minute 'Concussion Subs' Set To Be Introduced To Football

Ten Minute 'Concussion Subs' Set To Be Introduced To Football

Concussion has recently been tackled seriously in football and this proposed change will be welcome...

Dan Marland

Dan Marland

New ten minute 'concussion subs' are set to be introduced into football following their successful inclusion in rugby and the NFL.

Football is set to take the next step in player safety by regulating head injuries in a new manner.

Per The Athletic, The International Football Association Board (IFAB) are set to meet next month to discuss player safety and new methods.

One of the key discussion points will be concussion protocol which has become important in the modern game.


Three minutes are currently given to identify if a head injury is a concussion and that rule has existed since 2014.

Despite this, IFAB want to increase this to ten minutes as well as allow a temporary substitution onto the pitch.

This new method is intended to lower the rush on medical staff to identify potential injuries as well as keep teams at equal numbers during medical checks.

The ten minute subs rule is already used in rugby union and rugby league as well as the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys tight-end Rico Gathers being assessed for concussion in 2017 (Image

The earliest this rule could be implemented is March 2020.

Rule changes can only be enforced after an IFAB general meeting, with the next taking place in Scotland next year.

Football as a sport has often been accused of not taking head injuries seriously but governing bodies are attempting to shed that image.

A recent example of poor concussion protocol was Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen's head injury in Spurs' Champions League semi-final first leg against Ajax last year.

The Belgian suffered a head injury and received the all clear to get back on the pitch.

Despite receiving the all clear, the Belgian came back off the pitch almost instantly and had to be helped down the tunnel after being unsteady on his feet.

Vertonghen being helped by manager Mauricio Pochettino and officials (Image

UEFA have recently voiced their concerns and have even brought the idea of extra substitutions to the table.

In a statement, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said back in May,

"The health of players is of utmost importance and I strongly believe that the current regulations on concussion need updating to protect both the players and the doctors and to ensure appropriate diagnosis can be made without disadvantaging the teams affected."


The use of temporary substitutions offer an advantage as the player can remain on the pitch should a concussed player not be allowed to return to the pitch?

What do you think of this proposed rule change? Sound off in the comments below.

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