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When Ronaldinho Made Steven Gerrard Fall Over With This Disgusting Nutmeg

When Ronaldinho Made Steven Gerrard Fall Over With This Disgusting Nutmeg

To be fair to Steven Gerrard, playing DMC against a peak Ronaldinho is an absolute recipe for humiliation.

The Liverpool icon learned that the hard way when Brazil faced England for Wembley's grand reopening in 2007.

Brazil's No 7 sprinted on the attack, ball at his magical feet, as Gerrard diligently tracked him. Just when it looked like Stevie had closed him down, Ronnie flicked the ball between Gerrard's legs and changed direction leaving his rival scrambling - then hitting the deck.


It was an absolutely filthy piece of trickery.

Ronaldinho capped it off with a no-look, defence-splitting pass that almost put Vagner Love through on goal, only for the striker to slip at the vital moment.

Rather than doing what we'd have done in such circumstances and substituting ourselves under a shame cloud, Gerrard boldly got up and played the full 90 minutes of the 1-1 draw. Respect.

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Pulling the pants down of English opponents is one of Ronaldinho's specialties. His free-kick flew over David 'the falling statue' Seaman to knock England out of the quarter-finals of the 2002 World Cup.

He also had plenty of duels with Chelsea players when the Blues and Barcelona seemed to draw each other every year in the Champions League in the 2000s.

Memorably, John Terry tried to craftily bodycheck Barca's No 10 at Camp Nou, only to bounce off him, fall over and watch on all fours as Ronaldinho fired the ball past Petr Cech.


The 40-year-old legend, who was jailed in Paraguay earlier this year before being placed under house arrest, made a lifetime habit of leaving England players flat on the deck.

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