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Jurgen Klopp Belittles Journalist With Ugly Putdown After Manchester City Defeat

Jurgen Klopp Belittles Journalist With Ugly Putdown After Manchester City Defeat

Liverpool manager taunts reporter post-match.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Jurgen Klopp was in a bitter mood after Liverpool's 4-1 defeat to Manchester City on Sunday and one journalist felt the worst of it.

A video shared on Twitter shows a post-match reporter asking Klopp about the gap to City, before he was quickly interrupted by the Liverpool manager.

"I really think you should prepare for your job a little bit better, to be honest," Klopp began. "How can you ask - they are 13 points away, in my understanding - and this question about becoming champions... Do you really think that's an appropriate question at the moment?

"You have only two questions and you waste one for that? Your fault."

As the journalist from Israeli TV tried to finish his question, Klopp talked over him, continually repeating: "You had only two questions; you had only two questions... You wasted it."

The question, which the journalist barely got to finish, was actually perfectly reasonable: whether Liverpool were now mainly focused on a top-four finish and Champions League qualification after the Anfield defeat (which left the Reds 10 points behind City, having played a game more).

Klopp eventually responded: "Yeah, that's obvious. We try to do that."

Fans on Twitter criticised Klopp for the rude, confrontational tone taken with a reporter simply trying to do his job.

"I've encountered difficult managers myself in the past but he takes it to a new level. It's beyond childish," added @JayMotty, who shared the video.

"Asking the reporter to prepare for his job when he himself doesn't know the gap with City. Only joyful when he wins," replied another.

It's understandable that Klopp's temper was short after a tough day at Anfield which saw the champions concede four goals in the second half and the usually rock solid Alisson make two glaring errors.

Media duties after a defeat are taxing for any manager. But there seemed no excuse to interrupt and belittle a reporter, questioning his professionalism as he tried to do his job.

Klopp's post-match interview with Sky Sports journalist Geoff Shreeves was extremely frosty. But at least Shreeves didn't have the Liverpool boss taunting him over wasting questions.

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