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Spanish Women's Team Complain After Club Give Them Ham Sandwiches As Post-Match Meal

Spanish Women's Team Complain After Club Give Them Ham Sandwiches As Post-Match Meal

The players are sick of being treated poorly in comparison to the men's team.

Max Miller

Max Miller

Spanish women's side Rayo Femenino considered striking after continued poor treatment this week.

The players have become tired of the men's team, Rayo Vallecano, being treated better, and claim their wages aren't being paid on time.

The tipping point nearly came this week, after a particularly poor post-match meal was supplied by the club.

Ham sandwiches, containing no butter and four rather paltry slices of ham, were given to the players after their 5-1 defeat to Levante earlier this month.

This, according to journalist Irati Vidal, led to the players considering a strike ahead of their match with Real Sociedad. In the end, they decided to play, losing 2-0 in San Sebastian.

Alongside the image, Vidal said: "They are elite athletes but they are not treated as such. Rayo Feminino are tired of their conditions and consider not travelling to their next meeting in San Sebastián. On their last trip, this was their dinner."

The club claim that the team's doctors gave the OK for the meal, and stand by it as an appropriate meal for after matches have been played.

However, the club has been accused of giving the men's side better meals, and current men's player and former Manchester City midfielder Jose Angel Pozo slammed the sandwiches.

"After a game you should have a good dinner, not that sandwich I've seen and it's a shame," the BBC reported him saying.

Women's football teams have been fighting for improved conditions recently, with the sport growing in popularity but men's players still given preferential treatment in many cases.

The US national team attempted to take a case for equal pay and treatment to the courts this year, with a settlement on playing conditions reached with US Soccer recently.

According to NBC, this means they will receive comparable conditions to the men's team, including a chartered flight policy for team travel, venues for team events, hotel accommodations and specialized professional support services.

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