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Brazil Legend Adriano 'Has Got Back With Two Ex-Girlfriends' - One Doesn't Know About The Other

Brazil Legend Adriano 'Has Got Back With Two Ex-Girlfriends' - One Doesn't Know About The Other

It is believed that 'one does not know about the other.'

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

Brazil legend and former Inter Milan forward Adriano has reportedly rekindled his relationship with two ex-girlfriends - with one being unaware of the other.

News emerged last week that the 39-year-old had sold his £1.2 million mansion and moved into a luxury hotel.

Extra.Globo have now stated ex-fiancee Victoria Moreira has been seen in the Grand Hyatt presidential suite.

But this is where it gets complicated. Micaela Mesquita is also making frequent visits to the presidential suite at different times.


Sources close to Adriano claim he attempts to keep the pair separate, with Micaela only coming over when Victoria is at home in Northern Fluminense.

Adriano was engaged to Victoria until June 2020, while he was involved with Micaela between 2016 and 2018.

The current love triangle is said to have gone on for around three months and 'The Emperor' has kept a tight lid on it by not being seen outside with either of them.

Adriano was regarded as one of the finest talents of his generation, managing to score 27 goals in 48 appearances for his country while winning the Copa America and Confederations Cup.

He won four Serie A titles with Inter Milan and has taken all of those medals with him to his new residence.

With a left-foot that could unleash serious rockets to justify his 99 shot power on PES 6 but also a godly first touch and ability to dribble, Adriano was truly unplayable and finished sixth and seventh in the Ballon d'Or rankings in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic told SPORTbible Adriano was "a pure animal" and that he had everything in his game.

However, persistent off the field problems and an unhealthy lifestyle culminated in a huge fall from grace for Adriano.

After the tragic death of his father, he turned to drugs and alcohol and the regular partying ultimately killed his potential and career.


"Only I know how much I suffered," Adriano told R7 in Brazil.

"The death of my father left a huge hole. I felt alone and I isolated myself when he died. I was sad and depressed in Italy, and that was when I started to drink.

"I didn't stop drinking and in the end I had to leave Inter.

"I didn't know how to hide it, I arrived drunk in the morning for training sessions. I always showed up, even if I was completely drunk and the medical staff had to take me to sleep in the infirmary.

"Inter told the Press I just had muscular problems. I later realised that the problem was the people around me, friends who did nothing but take me to parties with women and alcohol, without thinking about anything.

"By going back to Brazil I gave up millions, but I gained happiness."

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