Heart Doctor Delivered Incredibly Revealing Twitter Thread During Christian Eriksen’s Collapse

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Christian Eriksen's sudden collapse during Saturday's Denmark vs Finland match was a shocking and traumatic moment.

Chiefly for Eriksen's family, friends and teammates on the pitch. But it was also harrowing for those simply following the game - in part because nobody knew what was happening as the distressing scenes unfolded, with the unconscious player given urgent CPR.

However a cardiologist, Dr Sadi Raza, helped give live information to concerned football fans with a thread that explained what he could see happening. It's an eye-opening read - and has proved to be remarkably accurate.

The Danish national team confirmed the day after the match (which was suspended, before controversially resuming) that Eriksen went into cardiac arrest. But Dr Raza explained that was the likely scenario as he watched.

"Based on the TV coverage it is likely that Eriksen went into Ventricular Tachycardia/Fibrillation. This is a fast, irregular and highly unorganised electrical rhythm of the heart that precedes a cardiac arrest," he said.

Dr Raza went on to praise the referee and medical staff for their quick actions, before explaining that CPR and defibrillators were being used to "shock" Eriksen's heart back into a normal rhythm.

All the information that has been released in the days since confirmed what Dr Raza was saying on Saturday. The heart specialist also updated concerned supporters on the likely next steps, saying: "He will undergo a battery of tests to rule out structural heart disease, electrical abnormalities, electrolyte abnormalities, ischemia etc."

He finished by adding that he was "happy to answer questions" and later provided a guide to CPR, encouraging people to learn the basics.

Many football fans followed up with questions, which Dr Raza went through.

While still an distressing event, even to those just watching, Dr Raza's thread helped provide solid information to people on social media.

It also highlighted the excellent work of the players, officials, on-field medical staff and the life-saving importance of understanding first aid. Even days later, it is still remarkably valuable insight.

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