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FIFA YouTuber Wins Entire FUT Draft Without Sprinting At All, Just Walking

FIFA YouTuber Wins Entire FUT Draft Without Sprinting At All, Just Walking

You'd be fuming if you lost in the final to this.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

A YouTuber has managed to win FUT Draft on FIFA 21 by just walking through every single game.

One of the key attributes in EA Sports' hit franchise is pace and winning a game without it can feel impossible at times.

But what about winning four games in a row? Harry Hesketh delved into the comments section to see what his fans had challenged him to.

They'd asked if he could win a FUT Draft without using the sprint button (RT on Xbox, R2 on PlayStation.)

Hesketh goes to pick his team and picks Son Heun-min as the marquee player.

However, he then realises pace doesn't matter, so he selects Chelsea forward Olivier Giroud up front.

Giroud is technically sound but has an incredibly low 39 pace. The rest of the team also ends up being Premier League as chemistry became important.

Harry Hesketh/YouTube

The 25-year-old decides to adopt a high press to limit the amount of chances for his opponent.

Opponent number one lines up with Icons scattered throughout the team but Hesketh makes him quit after going 5-1 up.

Game two sees another opponent quit after going 5-2 down, with the standout goal being a delightful chip from Son.

A third disconnect follows after going 3-0 up inside 21 minutes, a Sadio Mane chip off a rainbow flick being the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Harry Hesketh/FIFA

It all came down to one final game which was full of pace and could've been the end.

Kylian Mbappe and Wissam Ben Yedder are enough to cause the quickest of defences problems.

Memphis Depay slotted in at attacking midfield to make it a deadly trio, especially on the counter.

After going 3-2 down, Hesketh declares he thinks it's one game too far and a win isn't possible.

What follows is a remarkable comeback to go 4-3 up and well worked free-kick routine allows Son to slot home and make it 5-3. A fourth disconnect swiftly follows to confirm FUT Draft glory.

Harry Hesketh/YouTube

The draft packs that follow don't offer a lot in terms of rewards but proving it is indeed possible to win FUT Draft without running is probably enough.

Elsewhere in FIFA 21, 14-year-old Anders Vejrgang has managed to amass a 150-0 win streak on FUT Champs.

Vejrgang plays for RB Leipzig but isn't allowed to compete professionally yet, as you must be 16-years-old to do so.

Featured Image Credit: Harry Hesketh/YouTube

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