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RB Leipzig's Nordi Mukiele Demands Major Changes To FIFA 21 From EA Sports

RB Leipzig's Nordi Mukiele Demands Major Changes To FIFA 21 From EA Sports

Mukiele has pointed out a huge flaw in this year's game.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

RB Leipzig full-back Nordi Mukiele has urged FIFA 21 developers EA Sports to 'repair faults in the penalty area.'

Footballers have never shied away from calling out EA when it comes to faults in their franchise.

Lots of it tends to stem from controversial rating decreases but Mukiele has nailed a huge gameplay problem.

The Frenchman took to Twitter and said: "PLEASE repair faults in the penalty area.. I want to cry."


What the 23-year-old is probably referring to is how strict referees are when it comes to fouls and dishing out cards in the area.

Penalties are often given for fouls that wouldn't even warrant a stoppage of play anywhere else on the pitch.

Any kind of contact sees referees point to the spot and put you at a huge disadvantage.

FIFA 21's user PS4 score on Metacritic currently sits at a 0.8 score after a whopping 1,173 ratings were submitted to the page.

Fans have become more and more outraged and it reached boiling point this year, with a demo cancelled to focus on the full game's mechanics.

But many think there is no difference at all.


One player wrote: "Copy and Paste [sic] for so many years with MINOR changes. More difficult to defend but could do with some realism work. Too easy to score and this is on Legendary difficulty."

While another Metacritic user posted: "Game is virtually an exact copy of FIFA 17-20. The very small number of changes could have been a free update to any of the other FIFAs. And with any other game company they would have been called a minor patch or update."

A third said: "Same as FIFA 20, the defending on this game is absolutely shambolic. I'm having to score 6 to 7 goals a game just to barely win games and I am an experienced FIFA player who usually has a decent record [sic] I've never seen anything like this you are utterly at the mercy of attackers it's quite tragic."

And a fourth added: "Same game since 2015, they just don't care about the consumers, they just change the kit of the teams."

Featured Image Credit: PA Images, Nordi Mukiele/Instagram & EA Sports

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