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Hulk Returned To Brazilian Football In The Most Incredible Hulk-ish Style

Hulk Returned To Brazilian Football In The Most Incredible Hulk-ish Style

Hulk smash.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Powerful forward Hulk has marked his return to Brazilian football in the most incredible, Hulk-like style.

Hulk was making his debut for Atletico Mineiro on Sunday when an opponent foolishly tried to muscle him off the ball. So Hulk avenged himself on his foe by giving him a casual, no-look barge - causing Uberlandia midfielder Franco to crumple into a heap and skid across the pitch.

"Shoulder to shoulder, ref," Hulk's body language suggests as he strives forward with the ball at his feet.

Frankly, we wouldn't be surprised if Franco is still sliding across that pitch, given the impressive force in Hulk's seemingly effortless smash.

The 34-year-old former Brazil international made his return to domestic football in Atletico Mineiro's 4-0 win over Uberlandia.

The attacker (real name Givanildo Vieira de Sousa, but known to the world as Hulk due to his powerful build) has been abroad for 15 years, playing for clubs in Japan, Portugal, Russia and China.

However Hulk chose to leave Shanghai SIPG after five seasons in January 2021 and rejoin a Brazilian club at last.

Several Premier League clubs were apparently interested (see: Allardyce, Sam) with Wolves reportedly offered the player at one stage. But Hulk left them green with envy by returning to his native land.

Hulk had said before he made his decision: "I am listening to many proposals from Brazil and many places including in Europe.

"[I have offers from] Turkey, Portugal, England, Spain, Italy, Germany - and I also have an offer from China.

"Every day more new proposals arrive."

But Hulk - who played for Brazil in the 2014 World Cup and won multiple trophies with Porto and Zenit Saint Petersburg - chose the route home instead.

Brazilian fans will likely be happy to have the big man back. But as Uberlandia's Franco found out to his cost on Sunday: probably best not to make him angry.

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