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Dog Invades Pitch During Swiss Super League Game, President Comes To Collect

Dog Invades Pitch During Swiss Super League Game, President Comes To Collect

A paws in play.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Zurich vs Sion in the Swiss Super League was interrupted on Sunday when the Zurich president's dog invaded the pitch.

Cookie - a white swiss shepherd dog - couldn't contain their excitement just after Zurich made the game 1-1 and bounded onto the pitch after 40 minutes, stopping the game. Appropriately, neither team had the lead.

The picture-perfect pooch looked at home jogging about the pitch - building an impressive heat map - until Zurich president Ancillo Canepa sheepishly jogged down the stadium steps to retrieve Cookie. Crumbs!

At least the referee and players all saw the funny side of the canine invader, who didn't look at all upset by the unusual circumstances (or the fact that 22 footballers were standing on this immaculate new park they had just discovered).

Cookie is clearly a very well-behaved dog though. As rather than going wild in the new environs, the snow-white hound obediently trotted off the pitch when Canepa came and called.

The two then left down the tunnel, presumably to lap delicious chunks of meaty jelly out of a bowl (...and then whatever Cookie was having).

Clearly the excitement of A Dog On The Pitch was the highlight of the match, as it all fizzled out afterwards.

Neither Zurich nor Sion could add to their tally of goals as the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

That left Zurich third in the Swiss Super League standings, staring up at Basel and Young Boys above them in the table.

But do either of those clubs' presidents have a dog as handsome as Cookie? Surely not. And that's the real quiz.

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