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Defender Named Mohamed Ali Camara Throws Punch At Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Defender Named Mohamed Ali Camara Throws Punch At Henrikh Mkhitaryan

He certainly lived up to his billing.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

A defender named Mohamed Ali Camara was shown a red card card in the Europa League for throwing a punch at former Premier League star Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Talk about living up to your name. The Young Boys centre-back managed to back-up his heavyweight name (well, the first two-thirds of it) when he and Roma midfielder Mkhitaryan were scrapping for the ball by the touchline on Thursday night.

Apparently frustrated, Camara swung a titanic right-hand blow. We're not sure how clean the connection was but Mkhitaryan went down like he was struck by the REAL Muhammad Ali, so the referee only had one option. Ten count... or rather: red card.

The 23-year-old Guinea international then even stood over Mkhitaryan's fallen form in a way the heavyweight boxer he shares part of his name with would've been proud. It's almost as if he's imploring Henrikh to get up and complete the 15 rounds.

Mohamed Ali Camara is apparently nicknamed 'Pique' due to his football idol being Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Pique. But we would suggest that he adopts Ali's nickname of 'The Greatest' going forward.

That said, it wasn't 'the greatest' result for Young Boys on the night.

The Swiss side lost 3-1 in Italy to Roma, Edin Dzeko having given his side that two-goal cushion just before Camara's sending off. Which may explain why he was so easily frustrated by some fairly routine harrying from former Manchester United and Arsenal man Mkhitaryan.

Fans were quick to defend the, well, defender by pointing out his blow barely connected. However when you lash out like that you give the referee no choice.

Camara can now expect a suspension, of course, but Young Boys are still second in Europa League Group A behind the already qualified Roma. So there's still a strong chance they can qualify for the (ahem) knockout stages.

Then Mohamed Ali Camara can do what heavyweight boxing legend Ali did so many times throughout his incredible career: produce a spectacular comeback down the line.

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