Empty Stadiums Finally Allow Us To Hear Exactly What Footballers Say

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Empty Stadiums Finally Allow Us To Hear Exactly What Footballers Say

By Mike Parrott

We are finally able to hear what footballers say on the pitch from the comfort of our homes.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the empty stadiums allow us to finally hear exactly what they say.

It has changed many things in the world of football, with players on benches having to stay quite far apart, drink breaks and fake crowd noises, the current state of Premier League football seems very alien.


A positive (or negative to people), is that we can finally hear exactly what football players are saying while playing.

For example, when Manchester United played Sheffield United on June 24th, you could hear Harry Maguire barking orders at Luke Shaw as clear as day, which was hilarious to see.

Last night as well, we were able to hear what all the footballers were saying when Chelsea played Manchester City.


The London side went on to beat Manchester City 2-1, gifting Liverpool their first-ever Premier League title and hearing the reactions of Pep Guardiola, Frank Lampard, and Christian Pulisic was a great difference from the regular fan noise.

Even though the fans aren't there and football isn't the same without them, at least we get to hear exactly what it's like on a football pitch as such a high-professional level.

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