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Dana White Says There’s ‘No Debate’ As He Names His Undisputed UFC GOAT

Dana White Says There’s ‘No Debate’ As He Names His Undisputed UFC GOAT

Dana White has named Jon Jones as the greatest ever in MMA, going as far as to say "there's no debate" when it comes to Jones' certified GOAT status.

The UFC president's reasoning, as given to ESPN this summer, is simple. It's that Jones - who holds the record for successful UFC title defences at 14 - has achieved greatness while not even dedicating himself properly to his craft.

In fact, White hints that Jones has actually underachieved despite his incredible success in the Octagon.


"There's no debate, Jon Jones is the GOAT," said White. "Jon Jones is the greatest ever.

"If you look at what the guy has accomplished - and what he was doing while he accomplished these things. It's not like the guy was being good to himself and training hardcore.

"What's even crazier about the Jon Jones story is to imagine what he could have accomplished, had he been doing the right thing the whole time; what Jon Jones could've been. And I'm saying that - and he's never lost a fight!"


Jones' sole defeat came via a disputed disqualification in 2009, so White is correct in that 'Bones' has never been submitted, stopped or outpointed in the Octagon.

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Dana White Has Named His UFC GOAT And Argues 'There’s No Debate' Over Who It Is

However the controversial issues White refers to, such as Jones' failing drug tests and run-ins with the law, are also seen by many as reasons why the 33-year-old does not deserve GOAT status.

Dana White Argues 'There’s No Debate' Over Who The True UFC GOAT Is

Dana White Argues 'There’s No Debate' Over Who The True UFC GOAT Is

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Conor McGregor claimed that only Anderson Silva was above him in the all-time MMA rankings earlier this year, drawing plenty of opposition. One of those to dispute Conor's view is the last man to have beaten McGregor and possibly a contender for GOAT status himself: unbeaten lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Brazilian Silva certainly was a strong contender for the MMA GOAT during 'The Spider's epic 16-fight win streak in the UFC. Yet his reputation has dipped since he suffered multiple defeats while past his prime, with a failed pre-fight drug test thrown in for good measure.


There's no stains on the credibility of another greatest-ever contender: Georges St-Pierre. The Canadian is second on the list of all-time UFC title wins, boasting a 13-0 championship record to Jones' 14-0. However for all GSP's craft and dedication, he arguably doesn't possess the otherworldly ability that Jones has sometimes shown.

Certainly White's mind is made up and he quickly trashes the theory some fans hold that Jones has been lucky in some of his recent decision wins.

"People say he got beat but the three people that matter said he didn't," White told ESPN. "You can hate our judging, I bitch about our judging... but the three people that sit ringside all agree that Jon Jones has never lost a fight."


Do you agree with Dana White that Jon Jones is the GOAT? Let us know in the comments.

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