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Eric Dier Heroically Made The Medic Go Over To Newcastle United Fan

Eric Dier Heroically Made The Medic Go Over To Newcastle United Fan

The Tottenham Hotspur defender ran over to get the medic after Sergio Reguilon got the referees attention of a medical emergency.

Eric Dier was praised for his incredible heroics, after making sure the medic at Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur took the defibrillator to a medical emergency involving a fan.

The beginning of Newcastle's game with Spurs on Sunday was all about celebration, as fans created an incredible atmosphere for the start of the match.

Callum Wilson's early goal continued the party atmosphere but fans were brought back down to earth following a medical emergency involving one of his own, in first time injury time.

Spurs' full back Sergio Reguilon was alerted to the issue by the crowd and quickly let the referee know, who called for the medic from the sidelines.

Dier went over to the dugouts to get the medic and make sure that he took a defibrillator with him to the incident, which may have saved the fan.

The game was momentarily suspended when the referee was alerted of the issue, and players made their way to the side of the pitch.

After the doctor went to see the fan, the referee then got advice from stewards and police to take the players down the tunnel and back to the changing rooms.

The fan was taken to the hospital and the final few minutes of seven minutes of injury time were able to be played.

Dier and Reguilon's actions were reminiscent of those of the Denmark players, especially those of Simon Kjaer, when Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during the Euros.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports/PA

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