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Manchester United Players To Donate 30% Of Their Wages To Charity

Manchester United Players To Donate 30% Of Their Wages To Charity

Harry Maguire has convinced Ed Woodward to let him and his Manchester United teammates donate 30% of their wages to charity, and the rest of the players are on board.

Premier League footballers and the PFA came under criticism from health secretary Matt Hancock on Thursday evening for not agreeing to cut their wages.

Rather than reduce how much they're getting paid, club captain Maguire has agreed with executive vice-chairman Woodward that they will donate nearly a third of their pay to Manchester hospitals, according to the Mirror.

The club didn't want their players to take a pay cut according to the paper but are happy with the decision from the centre back and the rest of the players, after messages from Maguire to get them on board.


The compromise to how the Red Devils' players will reduce their wages means that the money will go to good causes rather than back into the coffers of the Glazers.

On Thursday Hancock enraged Premier League players when he addressed the country and called on them to make cuts to their wages. "Given the sacrifices many people are making, the first thing PL footballers can do is make a contribution," the health secretary said at the daily government briefing.

Players have already been making contributions away from the public eye, as most do in normal circumstances too, and don't want their wages to go back to the billionaires who run the clubs.

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Some owners have already come under criticism from the public for furloughing non playing staff despite being owned by the mega rich.

The government agreed to pay up to 80% of wages for workers earning less than a certain amount but it was designed mainly for smaller companies, rather than those that earn the type of money Premier League clubs do.

In a statement the PFA said, "We are aware of the public sentiment that the players should pay non-playing staff's salaries. However, our current position is that - as businesses - if clubs can afford to pay their players and staff, they should.


"The players we have spoken to recognise that the non-playing staff are a vital part of their club and they do not want to see club staff furloughed unfairly.

"Any use of the government's support schemes without genuine financial need is detrimental to the wider society.

"In instances where clubs have the resources to pay all staff, the benefit of players paying non-playing staff salaries will only serve the business of the club's shareholders."

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