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Fans Left Confused By Olympic Boxing Commentary Being Played Over Football

Fans Left Confused By Olympic Boxing Commentary Being Played Over Football

Boxing commentary was being played over the Sweden vs Australia game on Eurosport, leaving fans very confused.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Fans watching the Olympics were left baffled as the commentary for the boxing was played over Sweden vs Australia in the women's football.

The Olympics officially got underway on Friday, a year delayed and with lots of Covid protocols, with the opening ceremony but the action actually started earlier in the week, with the football and the softball tournaments getting going early.

On Saturday, the second round of fixtures started in the women's section, with 2016 silver medalists Sweden taking on the bronze medalists from Rio, Canada.

Fans tuning in to watch on Eurosport were in for a surprise though. Instead of getting commentary for the match they were treated to commentary from the boxing, happening on a different Eurosport channel.

Fans tuning in to watch the Games on the BBC were also left disappointed to find that the free to air coverage in the UK had been massively diminished this year.

The Beeb are only able to show two sports at one time, whilst the majority of the coverage has been move behind a paywall on Eurosport.

As well as the issue with the wrong sport's commentary being on, viewers were finding that other sports had no commentary whatsoever.

Quite often viewers switch onto the Olympics to watch sports they wouldn't normally put on and don't have as much knowledge of, so the commentary is very important.

Eurosport had already surprised fans on Friday, with two pundits in different countries looking like they were in the same studio, thanks to some brilliant technology.

Hopefully things will get better as the Tokyo Games continue and fans can enjoy them the same way they usually do, especially as without fans these Games are strange enough as it is.

Featured Image Credit: Eurosport

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