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Stone Cold Steve Austin To Get His Own Docuseries By Producers Who Created The Last Dance

Stone Cold Steve Austin To Get His Own Docuseries By Producers Who Created The Last Dance

WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin - real name Steve Williams - is reportedly in the process of having his own documentary series.

While that would be epic in its own right, the series is set to be created by the producers behind the hugely popular The Last Dance, a ten-part series that chronicled the career of Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA player of all time.

Image: WWE
Image: WWE

Former WWE announcer Lillian Garcia revealed the news during an interview on The Chris Van Vliet Show, where she said she would also be a part of the new film.


"WWE contacted me and they said the producers from The Last Dance are going to reach out to you," Garcia told host Chris Van Vleit.

"They want you in their documentary. It's crazy because when I got the message I was literally just watching The Last Dance documentary."

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She added: "Like, this is amazing.' [I] come to find out that they want to do a documentary for Stone Cold Steve Austin and it's coming out next year. And he gave me the biggest compliment, he said, 'Your interview with Steve that you did on Chasing Glory was what made us realise that we wanted to do a different documentary', because he's had a few already."

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While not much else is known about the documentary series, it's fair to assume it will follow Stone Cold Steve Austin's lengthy wrestling career, which began in 1989.

Stone Cold's fame quickly skyrocketed when he joined the WWE (then WWF) in 1995 and went on to be a fan favourite beer-drinking, foul-mouthed Texas redneck.

He had some iconic catchphrases like: "Give me a HELL YEAH," "And that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!" and "Austin 3:16 says: I just whooped your ass!"

Stone Cold Steve Austin was forced to retire in 2003 due to neck injuries, but has since continued to make appearances in WWE and as well as working in film and TV star, as well as becoming a podcast host.

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