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Logan Paul Releases Footage Of Him Sparring 4 Different Opponents At Once

Logan Paul Releases Footage Of Him Sparring 4 Different Opponents At Once

Logan Paul has posted YouTube footage of him sparring the four Gronkowski brothers

Adam Hamdani

Adam Hamdani

Logan Paul has released footage to his YouTube channel of him sparring four of the five Gronkowski brothers in the same fight.

The video, posted on Thursday, 13th May was footage from at least a month or two ago. The fight between Logan and the Gronks is four rounds, 90 seconds each.

In the clip, Logan is seen facing Glenn, Chris, Dan and Gordie, while Rob officiated as he 'wasn't allowed to fight' because of his American Football career.

Logan drops both Chris and Dan, while stopping the other two brothers on their feet.

While able to dominate the four brothers, the clip doesn't tell you much by way of how good of a chance Logan will have when he faces off against 50-0 former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather.

You can watch the full video below.

"I was entertained, good luck to Logan," Rob Gronkowski said after the fights.

Mayweather faces Paul on 6th June at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium in an exhibition bout.

While Logan will no doubt have fooled some of 23 million subscribers on YouTube, real boxing and fight fans will know that a fight against four non fighting brothers and one against arguably the greatest boxer of all time will be slightly different levels of difficulty.

Featured Image Credit: Logan Paul YouTube

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