The Ultimate Eurovision Drinking Game

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The Ultimate Eurovision Drinking Game

The Eurovision Song Contest is almost upon us, bringing with it another heady night of unforgettable performances, international brown-nosing and flags. Lots and lots of flags.

Tonight, millions of people across the continent will spend their Saturday night glued to the annual competition packed full of bold costumes, brash lyrics and bizarre dance routines.

So, what better way than to celebrate the occasion with a Eurovision drinking game? After all, it's a tradition that's almost as rich as the contest itself, right?

The Eurovision drinking game might result in a few sore heads the following day
The Eurovision drinking game might result in a few sore heads the following day

So, grab your favourite tipple and be prepared to knock it back at alarming rates because it's time to play LADbible's version - and it's not for the faint-hearted.

Of course, viewers are reminded to drink responsibly, eat enough food, and know when to give up if you think you've had too much.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any hangovers that may result from the game.


During the show

An act wears an interesting costume: one finger

Yes, Daði Freyr's jumper counts.

Is Eurovision really Eurovision without unique items of clothing?
Is Eurovision really Eurovision without unique items of clothing?

Bad joke: one finger

The most inevitable of all the rules.

This can be a bad joke from the presenters and the odds are high given there are four presenters this year.

"It was better in rehearsals": one finger


Graham Norton will have seen all of the performances in the jury rehearsals, so will inevitably remark that a country was a bit crapper than they were before.

Technical difficulties: two fingers

The show will be broadcast live, so some difficulties are bound to happen.

Yes, awkward silences count, too.


Oh, and stage invasions.

Coronavirus is mentioned:

Can we just, not? Buzzkill alert.

Song nine arrives: two fingers

The late great Sir Terry Wogan would only have his first drink of a long night of commentating at song number nine.

So, when the ninth song begins, raise a toast to Sir Terry.

Graham Norton is sarcastic or insults someone: one finger

One finger will do here, otherwise, well, you may just die.

"We're all in this together": one finger

This is an inevitability.

Pyrotechnics: one finger

Is it Eurovision without a bit of pyro? One finger for every round of plumes.

A sick dance routine: one finger

In this case think of Azerbaijan, Iceland and Russia.

Oh, and don't forget Lithuania - their routine is unique, to say the very least.

During the results

Someone calls out the wrong points: two fingers

Truly, the peak of any Eurovision night.

Graham Norton predicts who gets 12 points: one finger

We're assuming a lot will go to Malta this year, so good luck to you.

The United Kingdom gets nil points: down in one

Drown your sorrows and all that, right?

Graham Norton mentions that he needs or is drinking alcohol: one finger

Again, this is inevitable.

A long pause: one finger

Every time a county offers a dramatic pause before giving out their scores.

This might involve a lot of drinking, so be prepared.

The United Kingdom receive 12 points: down in one

It could very well happen - and imagine the scenes if it does.

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