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University Basketball Team Suffers Epic Design Fail Ahead Of Championship

University Basketball Team Suffers Epic Design Fail Ahead Of Championship

They probably should have asked an Aussie before posting it on social media.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

When you're in a design team, you're tasked with coming up with imagery that captures people's attention, maybe a catchy tagline and some cool effects that make it pop.

The team can finish the brief, send it off to the client and dust their hands off thinking they've collectively done a good job.

However, sometimes when you're looking at something so intently, you can miss something glaringly obvious.


That's what's happened to the people who concocted a big campaign for the Red Warriors basketball team for the RedWire University Athletic Association of the Philippines championship.

It's clear they wanted the social media posts to say 'Make It Count', with each of the player's heads creating the 'O' in 'Count'. However, sadly they didn't realise that without the 'O', the word was left in a very rude state.

The team should have definitely consulted an Australian before posting it because they would have noticed it immediately.

They clearly eventually realised their error and uploaded a different set of images with the 'Make It Count' to the side of the players.

It's similar to the design fail that Singapore's United Overseas Bank suffered last year when it released a luxury credit card.

The literally diamond-studded card is only offered to the bank's wealthiest customers and requires a minimum balance of $2 million to be held in assets with the bank before it is issued.

The card was on display at a promotional event last week, framed by a decorative plaque bearing a few choice words. However, not all of them actually made sense.

"For those who value exclusivity in it's most extinguished form," the plaque reads.

Mick Price/Facebook

Those with even a rudimentary understanding of the English language will be able to spot two errors in that text pretty easily.

"They should have employed a better copywriter to 'extinguish' themselves from the competition," wrote Mick Price, who posted a photo of the plaque.

Social media users couldn't seem to agree whether the word was supposed to be 'distinguished' or 'exquisite'. It appears as though the copywriter was also struggling to decide, and so settled for a combination of the two.

However, UOB has defended the typos by saying that the card was just on display for a promotional event and that the plaque was only being used for that one night.

"The promotional text that was printed only for a table display at a private event last night had been overlooked during our clearance process," Ms Choo Wan Sim, head of Cards and Payments Singapore at UOB told Chanel NewsAsia.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/pusanggala_

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