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Evander Holyfield Cools Talk Of A Mike Tyson Trilogy Fight

Evander Holyfield Cools Talk Of A Mike Tyson Trilogy Fight

Evander Holyfield has played down the chance of him and former rival Mike Tyson getting in the ring against each other again, claiming it's 'a lot of talk.'

Tyson got everyone excited last week by suggesting he was ready to come out of retirement for exhibition fights and interest was ramped up when his former rival Holyfield said he was ready for a comeback.

The former cruiserweight champion had spoken about the possibility of a third fight between them but he's now cooled excitement by saying there's a lot of work to do yet.

"People have talked about it, but it's a lot of talk right now," the 57-year-old told CBS Sports Radio show JRSportBrief.


"It hasn't yet completed itself to being put on paper. Until things get on paper, [nothing is certain]. In a situation like that, you have to do things properly.

"It's not one of these things that you hurry up and just do because it actually is a global thing.

"The fact of the matter is so many people around the world would like to see that. But with me, the thing is doing it properly."


Like Tyson, Holyfield posted a video of himself on Instagram in training and looked very good for a man of his age, who's been out of the ring for nine years, since beating Brain Nielsen.

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The video obviously attracted attention and asked about the reaction the former heavyweight champ said, "One thing is just about good health and staying in condition.

"Of course when I said that, a lot of people thought [meant] this thing with Mike and all that, but it wasn't... I [want] to tell kids the same thing my mother told me at a young age: if you don't get bad habits, you don't have to put nothing down.

"That's the reason I look good for my age - because I took care of my body.


"So it's about spreading the message to the young people, giving them an opportunity to know these same things, that each generation is supposed to get better."

Tyson's comeback claims have triggered rumours of several potential matchups with Holyfield top of the betting but by far the only rumoured opponent.

Fellow 90s heavyweight legend Lennox Lewis also hinted at a comeback whilst former Tyson conqueror Danny Williams claimed he'd be interested in a rematch.


Who would win, Holyfield or Tyson? Let us know in the comments.

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