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Emotional Eddie Hearn Breaks Down In Tears Over Death Of Patrick Day

Emotional Eddie Hearn Breaks Down In Tears Over Death Of Patrick Day

Eddie Hearn has paid an emotional tribute to Patrick Day, the American boxer who passed away on Wednesday evening after suffering a brain injury against Charles Conwell.

Day, 27, was put into a coma on Saturday after being knocked out in the 10th round of his super welterweight bout in Chicago.


He sadly died in hospital four days later.

Boxing promoter Hearn believes boxing has to evolve in order for it to become a safer sport.

"You can say it's boxing but it is so hard to justify." Hearn told IFL TV

"It has been a rough year for the sport. We need to make sure we get together as a community, we keep trying to evolve, we keep trying to make the sport safer.


"There are so many things we can look at as a community, particularly [brain] scans.

"One of the issues is the frequency of scans in my opinion. You can have a yearly scan but sometimes it doesn't take into account the fights you have had since that scan."

Day was treated on the canvas for several minutes before being stretchered out of the arena. He was then rushed to hospital, where he underwent surgery.

Hearn praised the response from the commission in the above interview, while sending out his thoughts to Day's team.

"I want to thank the Illinois commission because they did a great job." he added.

"Everybody saw the incident, they were in the ring, oxygen was on him, he was taken straight into the ambulance at a brilliant speed so I want to thank them and I want to thank the medics.

"There's no one to blame, it's just a tragedy of the sport and our thoughts go out with the team and everybody."

Hearn spoke to Day ahead of his bout against Conwell and couldn't speak more highly of the 27-year-old, who won 17 of his 22 fights.

"I met him for the first time at the presser on Thursday." he told iFL TV.

"I had such a lovely conversation with him, he's such a lovely man and everybody who's talked about Patrick Day say what a lovely man he is.

"It's just a horrific situation, the last seconds of the round he was trying to win the fight, he was behind on the cards, he didn't stop trying the whole fight."

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