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Dillian Whyte Says He "Laid Out" Tyson Fury In Sparring As Rivalry Intensifies

Dillian Whyte Says He "Laid Out" Tyson Fury In Sparring As Rivalry Intensifies

Dillian Whyte has furiously fired back at Tyson Fury over sparring claims in a brutal rant.


Fury stoked his rivalry with Whyte by bringing up an old gym story. The self-proclaimed 'Gypsy King' said he punched Whyte's "head in" during sparring.

"Dillian Whyte is a heavy bag on legs, I punched his head in for him plenty of times in the gym and hopefully I'll get the opportunity to do it in the ring," he revealed to Michelle Joy Phelps.

Whyte has now responded in angry fashion while recalling his side of their spar.

"Tyson Fury talks s***," he said. "He asked for the WBC to put the Diamond belt on the line for a fight between us, overlooking their own champion Deontay Wilder, and then he p*****s out of the fight.


"The last time I was in the gym with Tyson Fury, I left him on his back. I don't like going on about it, because sparring is private. But I have to respond when he talks s*** about it.

"Everyone knows me. He might have sparred me and done well. He might have out-boxed me some days, but I dropped him multiple times. Fury was crying because his uncle and trainer Peter made him run so much.

"Fury is awkward and big, but he doesn't scare me at all.

"People are raving about him beating Tom Schwarz, but my mum would knock him out. I wasn't going to pay to watch the fight, but I know his PPV numbers are bad so I threw him the £15.

"He talks s*** and the public let him do it. He contradicts himself two or three times in every interview. He did well against Wladimir Klitschko and Wilder, but how do you go from fighting Wilder to Schwarz?

"He's the lineal heavyweight champion of my a***."

Whyte is gearing up for a heavyweight eliminator against Oscar Rivas on July 20, while Fury is set to return to action in October after annihilating Tom Schwarz in Las Vegas last month.

Whyte, who's ranked No.1 by the WBC, is annoyed with Fury for turning down a proposed match.

The lineal heavyweight champion is in line to rematch WBC champion Deontay Wilder in 2020.

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