Tyson Fury Tells Eddie Hearn How He Will Knock Out Anthony Joshua In Undisputed Heavyweight Title Fight

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Tyson Fury Tells Eddie Hearn How He Will Knock Out Anthony Joshua In Undisputed Heavyweight Title Fight

Tyson Fury has told Eddie Hearn exactly how he will beat Anthony Joshua when the two square off in the biggest bout in British heavyweight boxing history.

The undisputed title fight between the two British world champions is close to finally being agreed and Fury was a guest on the Matchroom Boxing head honcho's podcast this week.


Hearn is in Dallas, Texas to promote the huge Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders fight this week, while Fury is also in the same vicinity to support his friend and fellow travelling world champion.


Although Fury has regularly bad-mouthed Hearn in recent times, he was happy to sit down for a chat as part of an episode of the No Passion No Point podcast - even if he's not particularly fond of the BBC.

When discussion turned to the impending superfight, Hearn said: "I know there's been a lot of backwards and forwards, but we're all on the same page, we're all working as hard as we can and fast as we can to get this made.

"I never speak on his behalf, but we speak on the side of AJ to say, 'This is the fight, we want, nothing else.'


"And I feel like you're the same mindset."

Fury responded in typical fashion, saying: "Yeah, I can't wait to get the big dosser in the ring and give him a good hiding.

"Prove to the world what a fake he is and that there's only one dominant heavyweight champion - the 'Gypsy King'.

"Undefeated, indestructible, unbeatable - never will lose a fight in the history of this sport, ever. I will retire with the crown."

Image: PA
Image: PA

Hearn then asked Fury if he felt a showdown with Joshua was "an easy fight" - to which the WBC world heavyweight champion replied: "100 per cent, I cannot be beat by a fighter.

"A normal fighting man cannot beat the 'Gypsy King'. The only person that can beat the 'Gypsy King' is me."

Hearn intervened to mention Joshua's name, with Fury following up and adding: "AJ couldn't lace my boots, definitely not.


"I know you're his promoter and you have to say this."

During the podcast Hearn told Fury he expects Joshua to become undisputed world heavyweight champion and end the Gypsy King's unbeaten record by stopping him inside nine rounds.

Fury, however, was not having it and after congratulating Hearn on the way he and his team have built up Joshua, he gave a very specific prediction for how he sees the fight panning out.


"When I say I will smash him to pieces and it won't be a tough fight, like I said I was gonna knock Wilder out and I did, I'm gonna say it here again - I will cut Anthony Joshua down like a hot knife through cheese," Fury stated.

"That's how easy it's gonna be. When he gets cracked with all them muscles right in the jaw, he will go.

"I will tell you even what punch it's gonna be, I'll even give my game plan away.

"It'll be a check left hook straight to the temple. His legs will go and he'll fall on his face. He may get back up and then I'll knock him out with the overhand right, goodnight."

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