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Jake Paul And Ben Askren Exchange Taunting Messages In Leaked DMs

Jake Paul And Ben Askren Exchange Taunting Messages In Leaked DMs

Paul and Askren beefed online ahead of their fight on April 17.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

Jake Paul has mocked Ben Askren's virginity as leaked DMs between them surfaced online ahead of their highly-anticipated fight.

Askren continued the war of words by sharing a video of Paul wresting back in high school.

He tweeted: "Hey @jakepaul you gonna roll over this easy for me? I mean were you even trying or did you just want @BenDarmstadt to stop torturing you?? @triller @flowrestling."

The former UFC welterweight contender then direct messaged the YouTube star on Instagram to find out answers about his wrestling match.

"Hey Jake were you even trying against Ben? That was pathetic," he wrote.

"Hope you try a little bit harder in our fight."

Paul hit back and posted an image of a 'Teaching Kids to Spell for Dummies' book: "Hey bubba!! So good to hear from you!!

"I know Masvidal gave you brain damage so I'm guessing you meant to ask if I was even trying against Nate.

"But instead you put down your own name. Issss okay bubbaa we gonna get you through this fight nice and fast so you can retire after.

"Here's something you could try."

Askren responded: "Check my timeline. You got rolled up like a blunt by Ben Darmstadt. It was pathetic.

"Were you even trying or you guys like nuts on your face?"

The 24-year-old fired back, bringing up his April 17 opponent's UFC defeat to Jorge Masvidal.

He wrote: "Do you remember that you got knocked out in 5 seconds. Or do you just act like it never happened?

"Your head is a c**k magnet. Have you ever smoked a blunt? I really wanna know.

"I'm guessing you lost your virginity to Amy too."

The 36-year-old responded by continuing to troll him over his wrestling match.

"You gave up here like you're going to give up in our fight. You don't have the heart. Please don't back out of our fight."

Featured Image Credit: Ben Askren/Jake Paul

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