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Conor McGregor Reacts To Floyd Mayweather's Exhibition Fight With Tenshin Nasukawa

Conor McGregor Reacts To Floyd Mayweather's Exhibition Fight With Tenshin Nasukawa

There was no chance he was staying quiet...

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

It didn't take long for Conor McGregor to react to Floyd Mayweather's easy exhibition fight with Tenshin Nasukawa at the Rizin 14 event last night.

Mayweather didn't even train properly for the exhibition fight, caused the bout to be delayed after being too hours late and spent the first minute dancing and toying with his opponent.

But the gulf in class was there to see. The 41-year old began to show he didn't come to play, promptly put Nasukawa on the canvas three times in quick succession before the bell tolled for the end of the round.

With it well and truly man against boy, Nasakuwa's corner threw the towel in before the second round and the fight was over before it even got started - Mayweather making millions in just 139 seconds for the unofficial fight.

It was the easiest bit of cash 'Money' has ever made but of course McGregor, the man who he beat in a Las Vegas superfight to go 50-0, wasn't having it.

"That 9 milli won't keep you on top of my list for long, kid. #Forbesy" The Irishman wrote on Instagram.

You'll recall that McGregor produced a pretty batshit crazy post back when the fight was announced, calling Mayweather a "mad little bastard" and saying "Fair fucks to you mate".

The pair continue to trade insults and shots at one another but it seems as a though a second bout likely won't be happening given with Mayweather said last night.

In his post-fight presser, Mayweather stressed that despite this one-off exhibition, he plans on remaining on retired - even if we have heard similar before.

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