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John Fury Calls Out UFC President Dana White For Fight

John Fury Calls Out UFC President Dana White For Fight

This is the fight that the people want to see...

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

John Fury has sensationally challenged UFC president Dana White to a fight.

The 54-year old former boxer, father of WBC world champion Tyson, took issue with White's comments about his son not needing to make the switch to the UFC.

White said there were a "ton of guys" who would be keen on slugging it out with Fury inside the Octagon after the Gypsy King took part in some MMA training with UFC middleweight Darren Till.

But was also realistic about Fury's chances in his company, questioning: "Why come over and get smashed when you could stay there?"

Fury's old man did not appreciate what White had to say and promptly launched a menacing attack on the 50-year old, who he believes he could "smash with one punch".

Speaking to IFL TV, Fury said: "How does he know about smashing anybody when Tyson comes off a smashing family, know what I'm saying?

"I could probably smash Dana White with one punch, so how can he write my son off like that?

"You can't write a man off with Tyson's ability, heart and will to win - and he knows that, he's talking stupid.

"Let him talk to me like that. I'll fight him!

"Match me up with him tonight. He wouldn't be saying that again, would he?

"I believe I'm the best 54-year-old man in the world. I'm the fittest, I know that.

"I'm the best 54-year-old man on the planet and I'm going to prove it any time, any place, anywhere for free or for money.

"So let him take that in his pipe and smoke it. I mean that, mate. Keep my son's name out of your mouth. If it's not good, don't talk about him."

Image: PA
Image: PA

John, who spent time in prison for gouging another man's eye out during a fight, has become the talk of the town on social media for his crazy antics.

One such popular video from the ITV documentary on Fury saw him produce a priceless reaction to his son's dominant victory over Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas.

Following the first knockdown, Fury was filmed grabbing his crotch and shouting 'that's what come out of these balls.'

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