Tyson Fury Reacts To Deontay Wilder's Step Aside Demands And Talks Up Anthony Joshua Fight

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Tyson Fury Reacts To Deontay Wilder's Step Aside Demands And Talks Up Anthony Joshua Fight

Tyson Fury says he'd rather give Deontay Wilder "another beating" than pay him to step aside for an undisputed clash with Anthony Joshua.


A blockbuster undisputed bout between WBC holder Fury and WBA (super), IBF and WBO champion Joshua has been mooted following the 'Gypsy King's stunning victory over Wilder in February.

But Wilder would need to step aside for the heavyweight mega-fight to happen.


And the American reportedly laid out his demands to step aside which includes a massive $10 million (£8.1 million) and a guarantee that he'll face the winner of Fury vs. Joshua.

However, Fury is reluctant to pay Wilder to temporarily leave the heavyweight picture.

He also talked up a meeting with Joshua in 2021 which is music to the ears of boxing fans around the world.

"I think we've got the rematch with Wilder on as well at some point," he told Mark Wright on Instagram.


"Then we've got two AJ fights, well one and then obviously when I batter him he'll want a rematch.

"Wilder's got a rematch clause. Some newspaper reported that he wanted $10 million to step aside.

"But I'm not paying him no money to step aside, I'd rather take his scalp again. I'll beat him in the ring, that's how I'll get him out of the way.

"I wouldn't pay him $2 million to step aside - I'd rather give him another battering again."


Though could Team Fury concede to Wilder's demands so he can fight 'AJ'?

A source told The Athletic that 'The Bronze Bomber' would be "stupid" to not accept that deal if it's offered.


"Deontay would have to get the (Fury-Joshua) winner guaranteed in the deal, but if he can swing that, he'd actually be stupid to not take the $10 million to not fight," the unnamed source said.

"That'd be a record step-aside fee, by far. I'd take that deal so fast and go fight a hopeless guy like Travis Kauffman."

Another unnamed source, however, questioned whether that would cross Wilder's thought process.

"He's thinking, 'I had an off night and while you all may think the guy was out-boxing me, I've got dynamite in both hands and I'm going to knock his f**king ass out. And then the title comes back to me.' That's my feeling if I'm Deontay Wilder, real fighter," the source explained.


"I think Wilder's the second-best heavyweight in the world over Joshua, anyway. He'd beat Joshua. His legacy is as a great puncher. He had Fury down twice in the previous fight.

"So, if I'm Deontay Wilder, I go with my strength, and his strength is, 'Get me in the ring with the guy and let me land my right hand.'

"Because of that right hand, most of you (writers) picked him in the second fight. You were wrong maybe because he had an off night, but he still has the ability to do it.

"Guys with power... they know what they have. He had one night where the other guy fought him perfectly, but if I was him, I'd say, 'F**k it, get the guy back in the ring.'"

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