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Joe Rogan Reacts To Mike Tyson's "Terrifying" Training Videos

Joe Rogan Reacts To Mike Tyson's "Terrifying" Training Videos

Joe Rogan has described Mike Tyson's latest training videos as "terrifying" as the boxing icon eyes a sensational return to the sport.

Tyson, 53, has shocked boxing fans with a series of training videos as he plans a comeback in the form of an exhibition bout.

And Rogan has been left stunned by the latest footage of 'Iron' Mike hitting the pads.


The UFC commentator couldn't believe how fit the returning fighter looked and called the clip of Tyson training for his comeback as "f**king sensational."

"Have you see the Mike Tyson video? Mike Tyson is coming back. He looks f**king sensational. He's 53 I think. I think he's a year old than I am. He looks f**king incredible, terrifying," Rogan said on the Joe Rogan Experience.


"Mike Tyson was a super athlete when he was young. No one when they're 20 usually move like that and here he is 53, moving like a world champ and throwing bombs.

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"Again, it's only on the pads, we don't know what happens when he spars. But you have to surmise, look at that. Let's not get crazy.

"Look how fast he's going, look how scary he is. That's what makes me think of Mike Tyson in his prime."

Rogan, though, questioned whether Tyson would be drug tested for any PEDs before he enters the ring.


"If they don't drug test him, don't test him for hormones, things are way different," he added.

"If he's taking testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid hormone your body functions way better at a way later age.

"It's very different. If we're taking about being a 53-year-old man in 1985, no chance. Everyone fell apart.

"When you're on hormones you can kind of do it. If they don't test Tyson and Holyfield and all these guys, we might see some crazy sh*t. I do not know, maybe he's not on. anything. Maybe he's just a special athlete."


A trilogy bout between Tyson and Evander Holyfield has been mooted with 'The Real Deal' also coming out of retirement.

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