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Behind The Scenes Footage Of Evander Holyfield Training Leaked

Behind The Scenes Footage Of Evander Holyfield Training Leaked

More footage of Evander Holyfield's training has been leaked and fans of the former heavyweight champion are worried he doesn't look as good as long time rival Mike Tyson.

It was Tyson who first got people excited about his potential return when he posted on Instagram earlier this month he was ready to return to the ring, in exhibition fights.

Holyfield followed soon after with his own video of training for a comeback and people obviously want to see the pair match up for the third time.

Now more footage of the former cruiserweight champ has been leaked, and fans aren't convinced he looks as good as the man he beat twice in the 90s - with the unimpressive action coming from around 28 seconds.


In response to the video one fan said, "He looks slow and stiff, especially compared to the recent clips of Tyson. Holyfield is going to get worked over if they do fight."

Another one added, "Holyfield's always in shape but he's too punch drunk to compete again. Bad idea. Mike is moving like he's in his last 20's. He's going to beat Evander up!"

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One thought that Holyfield wouldn't beat Tyson but did still look good for a man of his age, commenting, "I agree this man has no business fighting Mike but can we at least appreciate that my guy is 57 years old training harder and looking better than most of the people watching this video."


Speaking about a potential third fight Holyfield said he'd be up for it but only if 'Iron Mike' came to him and asked for it, as he's already beaten him twice, "I don't want pressure on me that 'You just want to fight Mike because you know you can beat him,'" he told BBC's Costello and Bunce Show.

"If he hits me I'm gonna hit you back, that's what boxing is really about. I'm gonna be 58, he'll be 54, you talk about being in good health and doing things the proper way that respects it. Anybody that I get in the ring with, if I'm in there with my brother, if he tag me I'm gonna tag him back. If you don't want me to throw bombs you'd better not throw no bombs."

The 57-year-old also said that the fight would only take place in a three round exhibition with sparring weight gloves, rather than an actual professional fight.


Do you want to see Tyson vs Holyfield three? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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