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"I Will Bury You" - John Fury Fires Back At Eddie Hearn Over 'Disgusting' Jake Paul Taunt

"I Will Bury You" - John Fury Fires Back At Eddie Hearn Over 'Disgusting' Jake Paul Taunt

John Fury pulled no punches as he hit out at Eddie Hearn.

​John Fury has furiously hit back at Eddie Hearn after the promoter slammed his comments aimed at Jake Paul.

John stole the show in the press conference between his son, Tommy, and Paul, who attended the media event virtually. 

He clashed with the YouTuber-turned-boxer and launched an X-rated taunt his way in a fiery presser.

'Big' John made a crude remark at Paul's girlfriend, with Hearn calling him out - branding his insult 'disgusting' and 'tasteless'. 

The 57-year-old has swiftly responded to the Matchroom boss' condemnation, warning he'll 'bury' him in a passionate outburst. 

He uploaded a video on Instagram, accompanied with the caption; 'The Green Eyed Monster'.

In the video, he said: "Because you aren't getting paid by them so you are jumping on any floating log you can to discredit a Fury.​

"That is just you mate because you are Eddie the green-eyed monster. Look in the mirror and have a long hard think about your life and family before you call out others. You know what I'm talking about.​

"If we don't want to go any further say nice things about the Furys because John Fury will bury you, you will wish you will never have heard the name.

"At the end of the day let's be nice to each other and work together, let's not be jealous of others hard work because Tyson is the best in the world.

"He has proved it and he has had to earn his millions, so credit him not discredit him and you will go up in everyones estimations. It is bad to be jealous."

Image: PA
Image: PA

BT Sport, who are airing Paul vs. Fury on December 18, have since apologised to viewers for the language used in the press conference. 

Tyson also joined in by telling Paul to hide Julia Rose ahead of their Florida clash, to which 'The Problem Child' responded by uploading a hilarious video

Featured Image Credit: John Fury/PA

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