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Professional Boxer Causes Huge Uproar With 'Brutal' And 'Criminal' KO Of Young Amateur

Professional Boxer Causes Huge Uproar With 'Brutal' And 'Criminal' KO Of Young Amateur

The incident happened in September 2019 not long after Bakhodir Jalolov's sixth professional fight, and it was a brutal knockout.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

There was a lot of controversy when AIBA made the decision in 2016 to allow professional boxers to take part in the Olympics and one incident in September last year showed why.

Before the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro four years ago the boxing competition was the domain of amateur athletes, who often used the Games as a launching pad for their professional careers.

Back in September the issues around the decision were brought into light during a super heavyweight fight at the AIBA World Championships when Bakhodir Jalolov knocked out Richard Torrez, much to the horror of Mauricio Sulaiman.

Posting the video of the incident the WBC president said, "Brutal and criminal to allow a professional boxer Jalolov from Russia with 6-0 as a pro to fight outclassed, outweighed and far smaller USA 20 year old amateur Torrez AIBA world championship in Russia."

Despite criticism from Sulliman over Jalolov's knockout there was a lot of defence of the 25-year-old, especially with both men being super heavyweights so the point that Torrez was 'outweighed' was harsh.

One boxing fan replied saying, "Jalolov being a pro had nothing to do with this KO, he caught torrez with a good shot that would of knocked out both pros and amateurs, a lot of pro fighters go back and forth to the amateurs it's no big deal."

Another said, "Viva Jalolov. Where was the outcry when a 2x World champion Hassan N'Dam with 35+ pro fights went to the 2016 Olympics...oh wait...

"Just cause Jalolov knocked someone out doesn't mean there was an injustice. Age shouldn't be an excuse. Teenagers are turning pro in Mexico."

And journalist Ron Lewis also defended the Eastern European adding, "Torrez is also a full-time athlete who has been boxing internationally for five years.

"Torrez has actually had around 120 bouts and the vast majority, so he is hardly some raw kid - you are doing him a huge disservice to suggest he is. Facts are amazing if you bother to do any research."

The Uzbek fighter is 6-0 in his professional career, having turned to the paid ranks two years after the last Olympics. In Rio he lost in the quarter finals to the eventual silver medalist Joe Joyce.

Only three professionals took advantage of being allowed to take part in the Games in Brazil with Carmine Tommasone, Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam and Amnat Ruenroeng all taking part without medalling.

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