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Footage Of The Mountain Showing His Boxing Skills Emerges And He Looks Frightening

Daniel Marland

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Footage Of The Mountain Showing His Boxing Skills Emerges And He Looks Frightening

Footage of Hafthor Bjornsson, known as 'The Mountain', in a boxing ring has emerged after he accepted a huge boxing match with fellow strongman Eddie Hall.

The Game of Thrones star successfully deadlift 501kg (1,104 lbs) live on YouTube last weekend and immediately called Hall out after breaking his previous world record.

Both men are set to go head to head in Las Vegas in September 2021 and many will be wondering how they'll fare inside a boxing ring.

In the video from 2014, 'Thor' unloads on his opponent with fearsome strikes expected from a man his size.

His opponent looks shocked as he repeatedly takes blows to the body and face.

Despite the Icelandic beast lacking technique and being quite slow, there's no denying that his reach and power will make him a formidable foe for most boxers.

Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA

Bjornsson has also sparred with Conor McGregor for the ultimate David vs Goliath challenge in the past.

He could be at a disadvantage to Hall however, with the Englishman having taken part in a boxing match for charity previously.

He took on Nik Wiggins in a highly competitive bout before being narrowly defeated.

Similar to Bjornsson, he lacked speed but managed to make up for it with his insane power.

The rivalry between Bjornsson and Hall extends back to 2017 when Bjornsson accused Hall of cheating at that year's World's Strongest Man.

Hall appeared on the True Geordie Podcast before the bout was made official and he sent Bjornsson a fiery message.

"This is a message for Thor. I just want to say mate - actually you're not my mate - you're a pi**k!"

"You started this, you genuinely started this," Hall explained.

"World's Strongest Man 2017, you called me a cheat. Forget the deadlift, forget our feud... You called me a cheat and I'm gonna correct that by knocking you the f**k out!"

Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA

He also discussed why he thinks he's going to have the edge in their match and put it down to his past training.

"I think I've got a much better mental approach than him," the 32-year-old stated.

"I'm going to outwit him mentally - and I'm going to outwit him physically as well...If I'm confident, then you (Bjornsson) are f*****. If I'm confident in my head then you should f****** run.

"As long as I've got a good amount of time to train for this, I'll make sure I'm fit... I've done my little bits of boxing training. I will not gas... I'll be prepared to go the three minute rounds."

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Daniel Marland
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