New Angle On Floyd Mayweather Vs Jake Paul Brawl Shows What Really Happened

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New Angle On Floyd Mayweather Vs Jake Paul Brawl Shows What Really Happened

New footage has emerged of Jake Paul's brawl with Floyd Mayweather that left the YouTuber with a swollen eye and a bloody mouth.

The fresh angle from behind Paul shows the exact moment the physical altercation began. The YouTuber and the boxing great were going back and forth in a head-to-head about a future fight, when Paul suddenly grabbed Mayweather's hat and ran off.

Mayweather instantly gave chase, circling past the media and security to get physical with Paul.


Clearly, 'Money' Mayweather hasn't lost his foot speed, although the entourages of both quickly get involved trying to hold back the pair.

Mayweather tells one of his own TMT security, "Get off me." But just when it seems as though things are cooling off, Logan Paul leaps into the fray to attack someone restraining his brother - and the altercation kicks off once more.


Jake Paul was actually in Miami to support his brother during a press event ahead of Logan's June exhibition contest against the 43-year-old, former pound-for-pound great Mayweather.

However the free-for-all brawl - that left Jake proudly still holding Floyd's hat, but with damage to his eye, lip and tooth - grabbed centre stage.

The video rolls on to show the point that Paul, clasping his head, is ushered through a door away from the chaos. Mayweather is left furiously storming around the corridors of the Hard Rock Cafe, swearing revenge upon Paul.


The exact blow (or blows) that cause the damage to Paul's face are still tricky to make out in among the carnage. The 24-year-old claimed afterwards that one of Floyd's bodyguards landed the punch.

However one clear moment is that the brawling briefly ceases when a masked cop announces, "Knock it off! You hear me? I'm going to f***ing arrest everybody here."

Jake Paul makes his escape but is swiftly pursued.


Pure WWE theatre and it seems inevitable that we will get Jake Paul vs Mayweather. Presuming - of course - that the 50-0 ex-boxer can overcome the challenge of 0-1 Logan Paul first.

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