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Mike Tyson's First Fight In Boxing Return Is Close To Being Made

Mike Tyson's First Fight In Boxing Return Is Close To Being Made

'Iron Mike' wants to return in a string of exhibition bouts and one man has claimed a deal could be struck soon...

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

Mike Tyson's first opponent in his sensational boxing return could come against Shannon Briggs - with Briggs claiming the 'money is almost there'.

'Iron Mike' shocked the boxing world when he announced plans to make a comeback last month, and he's uploaded training clips to social media showing he means business.

Many have speculated who the 53-year-old will face in his comeback and Briggs thinks he will be the opponent.

Tyson retired back in 2005 after a loss to Kevin McBride. (Image

"The money is there, the money is almost there, I can't say much more, I'll leave it at that," the 48-year-old told Sirius XM.

"This is for charity, this is exhibition, I want people to understand.

"We all know it's an exhibition and then we will see what's left in the tank.

"It's for charity, it will be fun, but this is Mike Tyson we are talking about.

"He naturally hits hard, so he might hit me and he might break my rib.

"We have to be fully prepared."


It's not the first time the heavyweight has thrown his name into the hat for a clash with the 'Baddest Man on the Planet'.

Briggs recently claimed he's discussed a bonkers tag team boxing match with Tyson - which could also involve the Klitschko brothers [Vitaly & Wladimir] and David Haye.

In an Instagram Live video earlier this month, the New York native said: "I talked to Mike [Tyson], we're talking about it, if we can bring it into fruition then it's a go.

"We're better all put in as a tag team, Mike Tyson and Shannon Briggs verses the Klitschko brothers, or David Haye, let him replace his brother.

"Tag team literally, you could tag them in like (you see in) wrestling."

Evander Holyfield is another name who's been rumoured to take on Tyson.

'The Real Deal' has confirmed his team are in talks with Tyson's people over a potential showdown.

"His people have been talking to my people and we haven't yet got a solid deal together but it's coming that way," Holyfield said.

"If it happens, then that's no problem. Well, the thing is, he was doing something and I was doing something.

"When I told people about it, they saw me working out and they kind of put two and two together. They must be coming together to do this like this.

"But the fact of the matter is, I didn't mind if we do something like this."

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Featured Image Credit: Mike Tyson/Instagram

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