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Deontay Wilder’s New Excuse: Tyson Fury’s Fingernails Led To Ear Bleeding

Deontay Wilder’s New Excuse: Tyson Fury’s Fingernails Led To Ear Bleeding

Deontay Wilder's bizarre stream of excuses for his loss to Tyson Fury keep growing, the latest being that Fury's doctored gloves allowed him to scratch Wilder's ear.

Glove tampering was one of the first conspiracy theories coming out of Fury's seventh-round stoppage of the Bronze Bomber. But Wilder's new proof that all was not right is an original one: that there were fingernail marks inside his ear.

"I haven't yet heard valid proof of how gloves flap all the way back, why your hands were in the middle of the glove, why did my ear have scratches deep inside my ear? Because of your [Fury's] nails," Wilder told The Last Stand Podcast.


"It's so many different facts and proof that we have. But it just shows the greatness of it."

It definitely shows something. Possibly that the people close to Wilder really shouldn't be letting him near a microphone anytime soon.

There is footage of Fury's hands being wrapped and no evidence anyone, from Wilder's team to the Nevada commission to the referee, noticed anything amiss. But Wilder is immersing himself in it.

"I saw in the first fight when Ricky Hatton was pulling down your gloves to put your hand in the improper position," Wilder told Brian Custer in the video. "Y'all tried the same method the second time, but this time, you scratched flesh out of my ears, which caused my ears to bleed.


"It's impossible for a brand new 10-ounce glove to bend, to keep a smushed-in form or to have loose space.

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Deontay Wilder Believes That Tyson Fury Put A 'Gypsy Spell' On Him

"I highly believe you put something hard in your glove. Something the size and the shape of an egg weight. It's the reason why the side of my face swelled up in an egg-weight form and it left a dent in my face as well.

"But in the midst of it all, you still couldn't keep this king down. You would have had to kill me. In the end, it took a crab-in-the-bucket referee and a disloyal trainer to throw the towel in just to stop me."


Tyson Fury Finally Responds To Deontay Wilder’s Wild Conspiracy Theories

Tyson Fury Finally Responds To Deontay Wilder’s Wild Conspiracy Theories

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A lot to unpack there. An "egg-weight form" is a new one on us. And the reference to Mark Breland, the assistant trainer who threw in the towel to spare Wilder further punishment is another example of Wilder's delusion.

Breland has since been let go from Wilder's team when most neutral observers believe his stoppage was a timely and merciful intervention. But the 35-year-old 'Bronze Bomber' saved most of his invective for Fury.

"He cheated. He flat out cheated," he added. "That wasn't the best man. That was a coward. He got a long reputation of being a known cheater. And if you known to be a known cheater, why are you gonna stop now?"


Frankly, the only person who needs to stop now is Wilder. As many people have expressed genuine concern for his mental stability in what has clearly been an extremely traumatic year.

Imagery: BT Sport/The Last Stand Podcast/PA Images

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