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Mike Tyson Explains How He’d Beat Tyson Fury If They Met In The Ring

Mike Tyson Explains How He’d Beat Tyson Fury If They Met In The Ring

Mike Tyson has broken down how he'd aggressively attack Tyson Fury if they came together in a 'dream fight' with both at the peak of their powers.

The heavyweights both spoke to Ring magazine about how a bout would play out - and Iron Mike gave incredible insight on how to chop down a boxer almost a foot taller than him.

"Against someone of Tyson Fury's size, you've got to be aggressive, move your head and be elusive," said the 53-year-old, "because if you stand still against a man that size, you're an easy target.

"You need to attack, use angles and stay away from his punching distance. You need to be close, but you can't stay at a distance that allows the bigger fighter to get off." Tyson adds that Fury's adaptability is his key asset between the ropes.


Despite being a fearsome destroyer in his youth, Mike Tyson was also a keen student of the sport. His words to The Ring's Tom Gray show that he retains intriguing technical insight - but he also claims that skill will only take you so far.

"A lot of people don't understand that size and style isn't the most important thing in the ring; it's the morale of a fighter that leads to victory," he adds. "His determination, his will to win, his desire is what makes him a champion.

"But at my best, I thought I was the greatest fighter from Achilles, through the Art of War, since the beginning of God, since the beginning of time - I was invincible.


"And if there are other fighters out there that don't think that way, then they have a problem."

There is no problem between Tyson and his namesake Fury, however, and the mutual respect is obvious throughout the dual interview.

When Fury is asked how a dream match-up between the pair would go down, he explains: "I don't like to pit myself against boxing heroes in a virtual reality fight, because I find it disrespectful.


"But my answer is that I'll beat any man born from his mother. I just wouldn't say that directly about any of the heroes from the past. But, deep down, I don't believe that any fighter from the past can beat me.

"I think I'm the greatest fighter that's ever lived - from any generation."

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However the 31-year-old showers praise on the original Tyson's quickness and underrated boxing skill.

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"A lot of people think it was the power, but it was the speed that did the damage," says Fury. "He had precision, great mobility, accuracy, and it was all in rhythm. His defence was underestimated too, because he had great footwork and head movement."

Iron Mike is even more complimentary, comparing the 6ft 9in Fury to the greatest pound-for-pound boxer of modern times.

"He's very agile for a guy his size, and more than that, he's smooth," says Tyson. "He's like an awkward version of Floyd Mayweather in the ring, but regardless of the awkwardness, he's very effective."

The warmth shared between the two often troubled boxers is clear. Tyson was seen celebrating ringside when Fury stopped Deontay Wilder in the February rematch between the pair.


Tyson finishes with some sage advice for the Brit, explaining how heavyweight champions simply can't be wired like a normal, average Joe.

"With Tyson [Fury], if he didn't go through everything he's been through, he wouldn't be the person that he is today," says the American.

"The mental health issues? That's why he's the greatest, because he's sick, and that's being real. People want him to be normal. Yeah, be normal and go on the f**kin' welfare line.

"Tyson doesn't know what normal is. Tell him to stay the f**k away from normal; he wasn't meant to be normal."

We're not sure that's exactly in line with modern medical thinking but - hell - we're not going to argue with either Tyson, or indeed Tyson, on this one. Check out The Ring's full in-depth interviews with two men who definitely don't fulfil the brief of normal.

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