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The One And Only Fight Many Fans And Boxing Experts Believe Floyd Mayweather Lost

The One And Only Fight Many Fans And Boxing Experts Believe Floyd Mayweather Lost

Mayweather edged to a points win with a hard-fought victory over José Luis Castillo​.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

Floyd Mayweather could have ruined his perfect unbeaten record back in 2002.

Mayweather went on to record a stunning 50-0 record before retiring in 2017, but fans and critics alike believe he shouldn't have got the decision in Las Vegas against José Luis Castillo.

The rugged Mexican, who entered the bout as the lightweight world champion and No.1 ranked lightweight, had a weight advantage over Mayweather on fight night and he utilised that strength during their title bout.

But Castillo started slow, failing to land a glove on Mayweather in the opening exchanges. However, he enjoyed great periods in the middle rounds as he cut off the ring and used his strength to tire Mayweather.

Castillo kept up the pressure while having success to Mayweather's body before finishing strong.

At the end of the fight, unofficial ringside television judge Harold Lederman had Castillo winning 115 - 111, while CompuBox statistics claimed that Castillo landed more overall punches and power shots than Mayweather, who outscored him in jabs.

But Castillo's endeavour wasn't recognised with the judges scoring the bout 116 - 111, 115 - 111 and 115 - 111 to Mayweather.

Image: HBO
Image: HBO

"I think [the judges] favor him. They didn't call the right decision," Castillo said after the championship contest. "He felt my punches. He stood there and tried to trade with me, but I was punching too hard."

They met eight months later and Mayweather won the rematch quite simply, yet Castillo remains the fighter who came the closest to taking away his '0' and it's still the fight many point to when they attempt to prove that Mayweather is not untouchable.

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