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Jake Paul Claims Floyd Mayweather Is 'Out Of Pocket' And 'Afraid' To Lose His 50-0 Boxing Record

Jake Paul Claims Floyd Mayweather Is 'Out Of Pocket' And 'Afraid' To Lose His 50-0 Boxing Record

Jake Paul believes Floyd Mayweather is 'out of pocket' when it comes to finances and 'afraid' of losing his 50-0 boxing record.


But YouTuber turned pro fighter Paul told TMZ Sports the former world champion is 'desperate' to make easy money.

"It just came out of left field," he begun.

"It just seems like this guy is money hungry. It seems like he hasn't paid his taxes or some s**t and he just wants to fight everyone.


"He's almost 50-year's-old and this guy is calling out people half his age. Who knows what Floyd Mayweather is doing?

"Honestly, he just looks like a clown, the response he gave me, it just doesn't add up. He's out of pocket and he's struggling.

"He took an L and don't get on social media if you're afraid of getting your feelings hurt."

Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA

Mayweather's fights aren't official bouts and are instead exhibitions, meaning they won't go on his record.

Paul, who made his pro debut last year, believes that is a sign of weakness from Mayweather and he isn't interested in 'fake patty-cake' fights.

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"I'm 2 and 0 with 2 KO's with pro fights," the 24-year-old continued.

"If Floyd wants to do these exhibitions, you know cool, but I'm a real fighter. He has to take me seriously.


"And I think the reason he wants to do these exhibitions is because he's afraid to risk his legacy of his 50 and 0 record in case he were to lose.

Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA
Floyd Mayweather Calls Out 50 Cent And Jake Paul For 2021 Boxing Bouts

Floyd Mayweather Calls Out 50 Cent And Jake Paul For 2021 Boxing Bouts

published at24 days ago

"But, I'm not doing the exhibition s***. It doesn't interest me. Those are like fake patty-cake fights."


Following Mayweather's announcement, he said: "Dear Mr Mayweather, who runs your Instagram? They need to get paid better.

"Do us a favour and stay off of social media. You should focus on learning to read, retirement or maybe an encyclopaedia.

"You call me out to fight, but you're half my height. You might beat my brother, but Jake Paul is a different type.

"F**k your proposition - I don't do exhibitions. We can fight on my conditions: 50/50 commissions.

"Oh, and we haven't forgotten you tried training Nate to beat me, I left him unconscious on the canvas, let's hope you're not that easy. A quick NBA knockout, he's never boxing again.

"Speaking of NBA, who knocked up your daughter, my friend?

"After I KO [Ben] Askren on Triller [on] April 17th, I would love to fight you Floyd and punch you in those fake veneer-a**e teeth."

Featured Image Credit: TMZ Sports & Floyd Mayweather/Instagram

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