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WWE Fans In Awe As Former NRL Player Produces Remarkable Finisher Move

WWE Fans In Awe As Former NRL Player Produces Remarkable Finisher Move

Daniel Vidot looked like he'd botched the move before somehow turning it into an incredibly-difficult finisher.

Max Sherry

Max Sherry

WWE fans have heaped praise on Daniel Vidot after he somehow turned a botched wrestling move into an insane finisher.

Vidot, who used to ply his trade in the NRL as a footy player, has taken the wrestling world by storm since his code swap a few years back.


And it seems his latest stunt against Ru Feng proves just how much natural ability he possesses in the ring.

The hype is real, people.

Going by the name Xyon Quinn, Vidot tried to leapfrog Ru Feng during their WWE clash.

But as Vidot launched himself high into the air, he didn't quite get enough elevation and his leg appeared to catch his opponent on the head.

But instead of holding his hands up for the error, Vidot acted fast and improvised brilliantly by deciding to turn the botched move into what's called a "slingblade" instead.

As his leg wrapped round Ru Feng's head, Vidot rotated his body mid-air and slammed his opponent to the ground.

"Look at that! What in the world," the commentator said.

"Oh man! If you're grading that on creativity that'd be a 10, would it not."

At the time, the acrobatic effort received a round of applause from those in attendance.

But once the event had wrapped up, wrestling fanatics flocked to social media to sing Quinn's praises.

While most supporters encouraged the Aussie to make that his permanent finisher move, perhaps the best praise came from one bloke, who tweeted: "Daniel Vidot demonstrating incredible ring awareness as he turns a botched leap frog into a sling blade."

Vidot certainly has a bright future ahead as he continues to make a name for himself in the WWE universe.

The 31-year-old has been chasing his wrestling dream now since 2018, following stints with rugby league clubs the Canberra Raiders, St George Dragons, Brisbane Broncos, Salford Red Devils and Gold Coast Titans.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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